Step by step to know How to install windows 10

To install your windows 10, You must Set up your BIOS to boot from CDROM instead of HD Drive. First

1) Restart/start you PC, click on Delete key,
2) You see a page showing at the Top Bar, is" Boot",Click on "Boot'
3) The next Page shows you a menu ,listing HD Drive first, CDROM,, e.t.c .Click CDROM and move it with you +/- key to the Top.
4) press your " F10" Key.
5) It shows you a menu, choose "Yes" Then press "Enter"
After setting up the booting process, you will see a page that shows you to choose preferred language ,time format and input method.if it shows you a blank page, Dont press any key ,just wait for this Page.
6)You choose your preferred and press "OK"
7)Then click on install Now.
8) Next, you see a page to click to on accept ,License and Terms. Click "accept".
9) Next you will see a page asking, What kind of Installation you want? You Choose "Custom- install Windows only" (Advanced).
10) Next page would ask "where do you want to install windows?" For a new PC , You would see a column showing "Unallocated Space" Drive 0. Now you need to create Partitions ,based on the number of Partitions you want. Choose partition size and Click "apply".
11) Next, Windows shows you that it needs to create additional partitions to work efficiently. Now ,you click "OK" to this.
12) Next, it shows you a Page with 3 partitions created, One marked as "System Reserved" Choose Partition 2 as the installation Location. Then click "Next"
13) Next, It shows you " Installing windows". The installation is running ,this might take around 20mins, that's why you must ensure your system is Plugged. This might also restart your system several times.
14) Next it shows you a Page to enter your Windows Product Key. you can click "Skip" to do it later.
15) Next ,you see a page ,that ask you to choose , "Express Settings" Click on it.
16) You see a Page asking "who owns system" choose "I own it" and click next.
17) You see a page ,asking You to Login to your Microsoft Account , You can login or Click "Skip"
18) It shows you Create account for PC ,and you fill the form. Click "Next"
19) It shows you to wait for a few minutes...."Do just that". And you have successfully installed your windows 10.

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