Effects of having too much alcohol

Nowadays the use of alcohol is on great extent. Use of alcohol is mostly done by men, as they consider it as the best way of getting relief of pain and depression. But having too much alcohol is always considered bad for human health. Today, every individual is getting addicted towards the use of alcohol. Not only adults but children are also making use of alcohol in parties. People who daily make use of alcohol get themselves into the stage of the death of liver failure. People who want themselves get away from having alcohol should consider the below-mentioned effects of having alcohol.

Effect related to alcohol:
• Effect the human liver- the liver is the most important part of every human body that performs different functions. One of the main functions performed by the liver is that it neutralizes every sort of toxic substance that we daily consume. Due to this reason liver is considered venerable for people who daily consume too much of alcohol.
• Makes the brain damage- excessive consumption of alcohol can have different effects on the human brain. Alcohol reduces the communication between cells, which creates a short- term memory loss also. The effects can be temporary, but consuming too much alcohol may cause a permanent memory loss in the brain. Its excessive consumption can impair an individual’s ability to lead his/ her independent life.
• Leads one to depression- too much of alcohol can intake one to the stage of depression easily. People who suffer from heavy depression usually have the risk of hurting themselves. Heavy drinking also leads an individual towards mental disorder also.
• Increases the body weight- obesity is one of the serious health concern. Alcohol is considered as the second energy rich nutrient that increases the fat, providing seven calories.
Thus, it becomes clear that too much alcohol can easily damage every part of human body leading at the stage of death.